(Avis artifex)

Christina Baal is a young "twenty-something" birder, artist, ornithologist, and writer.  

As a senior at Bard College, Christina applied for the prestigious Thomas J. Watson Fellowship, proposing a plan that would take her to six continents following bird migration with the ultimate goal of meeting and then drawing as many of the 10,000 species of birds as possible in a single calendar year. Although she made it to the finals, she did not receive the fellowship. Nonetheless, after graduating with a degree in Studio Art in 2014, Christina decided to pursue her own "psuedo-Watson." She lived nomadically for a year, saving every penny towards traveling to see birds. Her adventures took her to Cape Cod, the Chesapeake Bay, Titusville, the White Mountains, Wyoming, Acadia, Hydrographer's Canyon, and, finally, to Canada. Along the way, she met 100 new birds and an amazing array of people. By the time her "Watson" came to end, Christina had decided to pursue a path in ornithology as a way of working directly with birds and continuing to travel. 

Christina currently resides in Hudson, NY. She recently fledged as a bird bander and plans to continue training in this skill while constantly making more bird art and seeking to meet and draw all 10,000 birds in the world.