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People want to protect what they care about.

And people care most about the things they love. In order to love something, you have to get to know it. We have eBird for populations, breeding data, migration patterns, and all of that other science that makes eBird such an incredible Citizen Science tool.

Here, let's try something a bit different. Let's build a Citizen Arts project by tapping into the right side of the brain: the side that is responsible for creativity, imagination, feelings and dreams. Join the movement to help people fall in love with birds by bringing them to life with your drawings, paintings, stories- whatever it is that makes you chat with the cardinal in your backyard or whoop at the cranes dancing across the sky, that is what we need to get out into the world. These feelings and experiences are what help to convey the bird's personality, its spirit- they are what make it more than a fact or a statistic. They make it a living thing.

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