Birds give so much to us. They give us the impetus for adventure. They fill the world with song. They amaze and inspire. An entire culture of birders and birdwatchers exists around them. So I believe that it is our job to help protect them from the incredible pressures placed upon them by humans.

I love birds. I want to protect them. And for me, the best way I know how to do this is to bring them to life through art. By making bird art, I try to create images that compel people to love birds. By selling it, I am able to keep doing what I love- seeing and drawing birds. And since birds are my partners in this endeavor, I want the art created by their presence in my life to benefit them as well. With your help, we can work to protect the creatures we love. When you purchase anything from this site, 5% of all profits will be donated to an organization that helps protect birds and the natural environment. 


Drawing 10,000 Birds gives back to Birds

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for bird conservation! Thanks everyone!