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The moments that you share with wildlife are special. For a magical instance, your existence and that of a wild thing have collided. In these intimate moments, there is an undeniable acknowledgement that people and animals coexist together, sharing the same earth.

Art is a means to share these powerful moments. It is a way to remember the way that an incredible creature lived out its life before you, granting you private access to something primal and wild that is often lost amidst the bustle of human culture. 

Drawing 10,000 Birds is a personal mission to meet every single one of the 10,000-plus species of birds in the world and to record the experience of meeting each bird in art. It is an initiative that seeks to promote art as a means to better understand and interpret that natural environment across all age groups and parts of the world. Birds are creatures that defy both cultural and geographic barriers; they are beings that connect everyone in the world through a universal language of recognition. 

Education for Conservation

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To inspire people to get outside, Drawing 10,000 Birds teaches nature journaling and other environmental education classes. Exploring the experience of the natural world through art helps record the emotional aspects of the experience while promoting the scientific inquiry of observation and discovery. Check out the “Education and Outreach Tab” to find fun content you can access right from your computer!

Meet the Artist: Christina Baal


Hi everyone! I’m Christina, the artist behind Drawing 10,000 Birds. I am a rabid birder and artist, and my dream is to meet and paint 10,000 different species of birds over my lifetime. Going after this dream has afforded me the opportunity to see hundreds of beautiful birds, travel to incredible places, and meet wonderful people. Beyond being an artist, I want to be a storyteller to share all of my epic adventures. I hope that by doing so, I can inspire people to fall in love with the natural world and want to protect it.

When I am not running around chasing birds, I work as an environmental educator, art teacher, and bird guide. I love giving talks and showing people how cool birds are! To learn more about me, head on over to the “About” page. Or, watch my video (located just a scroll up this page!) to really see how goofy I can be about birds!

Fun fact: my favorite birds are Yellow Warblers (spark bird, hence my logo), Turkey Vultures (because they’re amazing alchemists) and California Condors (the bird I aspire to be).


Birds Met: 1,090/10,000

Birds Painted: 256/10,000

Listen to my talk at the Mamaroneck Public Library about making bird art, my wild adventures, and why birds are awesome!

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# 256 Chipping Sparrow


#1,011 Rosy-faced Lovebird

Encanto Park, Phoenix, Arizona

Newest Painting: “Spark Birds”

Newest Painting: “Spark Birds”

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