Drawing 10,000 Birds
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Encounters with wildlife are a shared experience.

The moments that you share with an animal are special. For a magical instance, your existence and that of a wild thing have collided. In these intimate moments, there is a undeniable acknowledgement that people and animals coexist together, sharing the same Earth. 

Art is a means to capture these powerful experiences. It is a way to remember the way that an incredible creature lived out its life before you, granting you private access to something primal and wild that is often lost amidst the hustle and bustle of human culture. 

Drawing 10,000 Birds is a mission to meet every single one of the 10,000-plus species of birds in the world and to record the experience of meeting each bird in art. It is an initiative that seeks to promote art as a means to better understand and interpret the natural environment across all age groups and parts of the world. And, most importantly, it is a partnership between artists and the winged creatures that inspire. Without birds, there would be no bird art. Therefore, the artwork created through these shared moments is meant to benefit both artist and birds, with a portion of profits donated to an organization that promotes the conservation of birds and their habitats.  



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